Selling your home should be an exciting time! You're moving on to the next chapter, full of opportunities! This is one of those times where it is best to hire a professional from the start. There are a lot of pieces that all have to fall into place for a streamlined and timely transaction.  I will be there for you from start to finish and beyond.  Get started by filling in the information below. Then, Get On My Calendar Here. Next, I will contact you to and we will talk and schedule a preview of your home. It is imperative to see a home in person before giving it a real valuation. There are many automated values online today, like the one below,  that will give you a rough idea of what your home value is; however a computer cannot take the unique features of your home into consideration. I look at every detail such as curb appeal, upgrades, condition, personal touches, water-frontage, views, water-depth, boating access, and anything else that will add or remove value. Next to choosing a detailed and hard working agent, pricing strategy is the most important detail in selling your home. Don't sell your home short! Contact me today! 

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